Welcome to Skill at Arms


Rifle Shooting Experience

A balanced experience designed to be an introduction to rifle target shooting giving basic instruction on the skills a target shooter will need, from zeroing to precision shooting at bulls-eyes and some rapid shooting at steels. Book here!



Historic WWII Experience

This brand new Experience is for the history buff wanting to try some of the firearms seen in the old war movies. This option is more about experiencing the thrill and nostalgia of shooting some of the firearms seen in films such as "Band Of Brothers", "Enemy At The Gates", and games such as "Call of Duty WW2" and so on! Book here!



Gamer's Rifle Shooting Experience

This experience is for the Gamer wanting to try some of the firearms seen in the great shoot-em-up games such as COD or Battlefield. This option is about trying some of the different styles of firearm used in the games and seen in some more modern films and TV series! Book here!



Air Rifle Pay & Play

Got your own air rifle & pellets? Want to shoot at some awesome targets in a safe and secure environment? Click here to find out more!



Are you looking to try a new skill? Fancy having a go at firearms shooting?


Try out your marksmanship abilities or just have some fun at our target rifle experience sessions. Test out your accuracy at bullseye shooting, your speed and precision on our steel plates, and sniper skills on the silhouette targets.


At Skill at Arms, you can try precision and speed shooting in a safe and friendly environment with expert tuition if required! Soon you will see an improvement and can appreciate the skills needed to be a top shot. Watch your scores improve over the sessions and everyone goes home with a smile on their face.






Please note: We do not sell firearms. All ammunition must be used on site or returned at the end of the Experience.
All activities and firearms used comply with the relevant UK Legislation(s) and fire .22 calibre rounds.
Visitors are welcome by prior appointment. If you haven't booked but would like to visit the ranges, please contact us.