WWII Historic Rifle Shooting Experiences


This Experience is for the history buff wanting to try some of the firearms seen in the old war movies. This option is more about experiencing the thrill and nostalgia of shooting some of the firearms seen in films such as "Band Of Brothers", "Enemy At The Gates", and games such as "Call of Duty WW2" and so on!



Here is an overview of some of the rifles that may be available when attending this experience.
Please Note: All our firearms are semi-auto or single shot, reduced calibre versions of the original firearm to comply with UK law.


Allied Arms

British Enfield SMLE, Rifle, No. 2 Mk. IV American M1 Carbine Russian PPSH50
The Lee Enfield in its many guises was the standard infantry rifle of the British Army for half a century. A very smooth action that cocked on closing along with a 10 round magazine helped give the Enfield a very fast rate of fire. Although the .303 SMLE (Rifle No1) was developed prior to WWI it remained in production, notably by the Australians, throughout WWII and was used alongside the No4. The Rifle No2 was the 22LR training version of the SMLE.

The M1 Carbine was the standard infantry automatic carbine of the American military in WWII and later in Korea. Developed for support troops who found the M1 rifle too cumbersome and an impediment to their tasks, the M1Carbine was a compact, lightweight defensive weapon with greater range, accuracy and firepower than handguns but weighed half as much as the Thompson or the M1 rifle. The M1Carbine was capable of automatic fire.

The major infantry automatic weapon of the Soviets during WWII. Experience fighting the Finns in 1939/40 showed the Soviets that the submachine gun was a highly effective tool for close-quarter fighting in forests and built-up urban areas. Designed and refined until it was able to be mass produced quickly and cheaply (6 million were manufactured) the PPSh saw extensive use during WWII and later in Korea.

American M1A1 Thompson American Mossberg 42M CBC MagTech
The M1921/M1928 Thompson, or Tommy Gun, was a favourite of Bootleggers and Police/FBI. Initially dubbed the Chicago Typewriter it became infamous as the gangsters weapon of choice. Later it earned the nickname the Trench Broom for its ability to clear a path at short range but it's weight and inaccuracy at moderately close ranges meant it was not very popular in the field generally. Slightly different to the 1928A1, the M1A1 Tommy Gun was fed by a box magazine, charging handle on the side and was slightly lighter.

Early in WWII Britain had a serious shortage of suitable training rifles. The United States responded to a request made for .22 rimfire rifles suitable for the purpose. Mossberg offered an excellent choice in their Model 42 rifle and 10,000 were sent to help the War Effort. It was used by the Home Guard and training units throughout the war and by cadet units post war.

The CBC MagTech is a Brazilian made lightweight sporting rifle. It is often included in the WWII line-up not because of it period charm but as a contrast to the Mossberg. The Mossberg shows what 80 year old technology was like and the MagTech shows what a modest modern equivalent can achieve. It is also a reliable stand-in should anything happen to reduce the numbers on the day.
With its bolt action, high magnification scope and silenser is often compared with the sniper rifles from the games. Accuracy is surprising for such a lightweight rifle and helped by the excellent fully free-floated barrel. A 10 round magazine and easy manual operation make this a favourite of shooters.

Axis Arms

German Mauser K98 German Schmeisser MP40 German STG44
The K98k was the standard issue infantry rifle of the German Army at the time. Our K98 is a post WWII manufactured training rifle, one of only 1000 made by FN in Belgium for the young country of Israel. Manufactured in 1952 for the "Army of the Nation of Israel" these were made from all new parts and not converted from war surplus or other commercial parts.
It is poetic irony that a rifle design which helped persecute the Jewsduring WWII should also be used to help liberate the Jewish Nation in the post war years.

The iconic sub-machine gun, used by crews, NCOs and officers, and most German troops in the films, it was famously used by Michael Caine (Play Dirty), Harrison Ford (Last Crusade) and also Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood (Where Eagles Dare). The MP40 fired a small pistol calibre round that had a short effective range but was controllable in full automatic fire making it ideal for close combat in urban or wooded areas.

Arguably the first true production Assault Rifle. StG (short for Assault Rifle) was also known as the MP40 because there was some confusion as to the type of weapon it was. Firing a reduced power cartridge it allowed accurate and controllable automatic fire with greater stopping power and range than the MP40. Seeing service in the Ardennes, Russia and in the defence of Germany the StG44 arrived too late to win the war for the Axis, however it did influence the design and production of future infantry assault rifles.




What's included in your experience.


1-2 hours
Short Safety Brief
Choice of firearms from a variety of adapted British, German, Russian and American bolt-action rifles, assault rifles and sub-machine guns
100 rounds of ammunition
All targets and safety equipment


What are the costs?


The WWII Historic Rifle Shooting Experience will cost £85pp.

On-site Parking is free, and is close to the ranges.


What to expect on your experience.




There is no need to arrive many minutes before your experience starts, the time allocated is sufficient for all the form filling and safety brief as well as the shooting itself. An experience can last approximately an hour and a half and the time allotted for sessions is 2 hours, however if the experience finishes with time to spare there may be an opportunity to purchase further ammunition and to have further practice on the target range. If you are running late or are struggling to find the venue please call the mobile number listed on the contact page and let us know as soon as possible.


What to wear:


This event is run indoors and outside and the location will be mentioned on booking. Outdoor events will usually take place whatever the weather, safety permitting. However, we reserve the right to move the experience to our indoor location if the conditions at the outdoor range warrant it. If outdoors expect to be on the range for the whole time so bring clothing and footwear suitable for the English weather. There will be limited cover from the elements for those not shooting.


What is provided?


We provide the firearms and ammunition which are relevent to the WWII theme of this experience. All safety equipment such as hearing and eye protection for participants is also provided. If heavy rain is expected, the firing points will be covered but if the wind or weather gets too bad, other arrangements may need to be made. Please be aware of the weather forecast on the day and dress appropriately for being outside.


Will it hurt?


No. The rifles fire a small bullet with minimal recoil, using the correct method you will be shown will ensure that even the most delicate person is not hurt by this. The hearing protection is provided and is mandatory when the shooting of un-moderated (non-silenced) firearms is taking place. Eye protection is also provided and is mandatory for shooters and spectators when any shooting is taking place at reactive targets.


What targets will I be shooting?


We offer a range of targetry to give a fun and balanced experience.
There will be various reactive steel targets, from the quite large to the very small, to test your shooting abilities.


Age limits?


14yrs and over (we can cater for younger participants in most instances with prior notice). Please note that some younger participants who are still awaiting a growth spurt many have difficulties with the standard kit. If you feel this could be an issue call us first and we can work around most problems by issuing slightly different equipment. Under 18s will require an adult to be present to sign the consent form, and the adult must be present during all of the activities.


Can I bring friends and family?


Parking is limited, as is space on the ranges at the venues we use, but a few spectators are allowed to stand behind the range in the safety areas. Hearing protection is not mandatory for spectators but safety glasses are, and spectators will have to provide their own (sunglasses are acceptable).


Are there any limitations or restrictions other than age?


Shooting is a fun and inclusive sport. Young, old, male, female, and those less able can compete on an equal footing in many shooting disciplines. Most disabilities are not a hindrance to shooting in some form or other. If you feel you may have a problem with access or in some other way please let us know when you book and we are confident we can include you in all but the most extreme cases. The ranges are outdoors and on grass, however they are wheelchair accessible. Please note:- if it has been wet for several days before your event the ground may be soggy so bear this in mind when thinking about access for able and the less able alike.




Scores can be viewed on site and targets taken home to display to the envious friends and family. You can see the top 10 scoreboards for our Rifle Shooting Experience (Option 1a) here.


We hope you enjoy your time with us and leave us with a smile on your face and a greater appreciation for the shooting sports.


Use this form to make a booking for your WWII experience day! If you are looking to book a different experience, please click here to see the full list. Please ensure you have read the 'What to Expect' section above.


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Substitution requests:


If you are unable to attend the event we welcome substitutes attending in your place at no additional cost.


Rescheduling will be allowed taking in to account the cancellation notice periods below. A charge may be made for late changes.


Cancellation policy:


Cancellations must be received in writing (via email or post) in advance of the experience date.


The following cancellations charges apply:
>4 weeks notice: Full refund
≤4 weeks notice: No refund
Failure to attend: No refund


If you are within the 4 weeks notice period for cancellation or change, please contact us as we may be able to change the date if slots are available, or cancel your booking for a partial refund.


Amendments/Cancellation by SAA


1. Amendments: SAA reserves the right to modify the programme up to the day of the experience. At times it may be necessary, due to unforeseen circumstances, to alter the programme, venue and/or cancel altogether. Customers will be notified of any changes.


2. Cancellation: If unforeseen circumstances cause SAA to cancel an event all customers will be informed as soon as possible and an alternative date or full fee refund will be made.


3. Cancellation: If, for any reason, SAA has to cancel an event, SAA accepts no responsibility for covering travel, hotel or other costs incurred by customers.



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