Air Rifle


At Skill at Arms we are constantly looking at way to improve our facilities and find more ways to get people shooting.


Until we can get our indoor range completed we have managed to construct a 30m outdoor range where you can bring your air rifles and have a great time plinking, zeroing, practising or otherwise enjoying yourselves.



At the range we set up shooting positions and targets. The firing points are covered to help keep you cool or dry depending upon the weather and there are tables with rests and chairs to shoot from, although you can shoot prone or positional as you wish.


We provide a variety of knock-down and reactive targets from 10yds to 30yds, eventually out to 50m, and there are target stands for paper targets should you prefer.


Everything is provided except your rifle and pellets. Check the dates on our Facebook group here -




Open times


We are open at various times throughtout the week and these times are published via our social media. Please join our Facebook group here for up-to-date information -


Outdoor facilities


Our outdoor facilities include:


Covered firing point for up to 6 people
Benches and chairs for a comfortable firing position
Targets from 10yds to 30yds
Multiple reactive targets; knock-downs, spinners, large and small
Target stands for paper targets - for zeroing or grouping practice etc.
Rifle rests for supported shooting


What are the costs?


The Air Rifle Pay-and-Play will cost £25pp.
*We accept both cash and card on site.
On-site Parking is free, and is close to the ranges.
Please remember that you must bring your own air rifle, pellets & eye protection.


Please note


We do not have air rifles to lend out - you are shooting your own rifles with your own pellets. The non-shooting facilities are sparce. The open water swimming lake often has a burger van when they are open, but their times don't always follow ours.


There is no need to make bookings in advance. However there may be a short wait if we are exceptionally busy. At busy times we will run the firing point on a squadded basis, each squad will shoot for a period and take it in turns. This way everyone gets to shoot plenty of times and no one is waiting around for too long.


If you have any quesitons, please feel free to email us at


If we are open and the gate is shut just call 07917 793424 and we'll come and let you in.




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