Packages & What to Expect

Our Shooting Options are designed to give a balance of shooting experiences for the beginner interested in developing a skill set to the enthusiast wanting a broader themed experience. Select an Option below to see more information.


A balanced experience designed to be an introduction to rifle target shooting giving basic instruction on the skills a target shooter will need, from zeroing, precision shooting at bulls-eyes to some rapid shooting at steels.

What's included in your experience.

1.5 to 2 hour
Short Safety Brief
Bolt action scoped rifle with magazine
50 rounds of ammunition
All targets and safety equipment

What are the costs?
The rifle shooting experience will cost £59pp. On-site Parking is free, and is close to the ranges.


Please see 'What to expect for all options' below.



This is an extended experience for those who have already completed the Beginner's Rifle Shooting Experience (Option 1 above). It will allow you to shoot new rifles that range from the now familiar bolt action to semi-automatic and lever-action. It's designed to be a bit of fun so you can extend and improve your shooting abilities and experience on a variety of rifles. Please Contact Us if you would like any more information.

What's included in your experience.

1 hour
Short Safety Brief
Selection of bolt-action, semi-auto and lever action rifles
50 rounds of ammunition
All targets and safety equipment

What are the costs?
The rifle shooting experience will cost £25pp. Extra ammunition is £7.50 for 50 rounds. On-site Parking is free, and is close to the ranges.


Please see 'What to expect for all options' below.



This Experience is for the history buff wanting to try some of the firearms seen in the old war movies. More rifles and more ammo than Option 1 this Option is more about experiencing shooting some of the firearms seen in "Band Of Brothers" or "Enemy At The Gates".

What's included in your experience.

1-2 hours
Short Safety Brief
Choice of firearms from a variety of adapted British, German, Russian and American bolt-action rifles, assault rifles and sub-machine guns
150 rounds of ammunition
All targets and safety equipment

Firearms to choose from:


Allied Arms
British Enfield No.8 - currently unavailable
American M1 Carbine
Russian PPSH50
Axis Arms
German Mauser K98/G33
German Schmeisser MP40
German STG44


What are the costs?
The WWII Historic Rifle Shooting Experience will cost £80pp. Extra ammunition is £7.50 per 50. On-site Parking is free, and is close to the ranges.


Please see 'What to expect for all options' below.



What to expect on your experience.


Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the experience as there are a few paperwork formalities that need to addressed before the start. An experience can last approximately an hour and a half and the time allotted for sessions is 2 hours, however if the experience finishes with time to spare there will be an opportunity to purchase further ammunition and to have further practice on the target range. If you are running late or are struggling to find the venue please call the mobile number listed on the contact page and let us know as soon as possible.

What to wear:

This is an outside event and will take place whatever the weather, safety permitting. Expect to be on the range for the whole time so bring clothing and footwear suitable for the English weather. There will be cover from the rain for those not shooting.

What is provided?

We provide the firearms and ammunition relevant to the Option booked. All safety equipment such as hearing and eye protection for participants is also provided. If heavy rain is expected the firing points will be covered but if the wind or weather get too bad other arrangements may need to be made. Please be aware of the weather forecast on the day and dress appropriately for being outside.

Will it hurt?

No. The rifles fire a small bullet with minimal recoil, using the correct method you will be shown will ensure that even the most delicate person is not hurt by this. The hearing protection is provided and is mandatory when the shooting of un-moderated (silenced) firearms is taking place, eye protection is also provided and is mandatory for shooters and spectators when any shooting is taking place at reactive targets.

What targets will I be shooting?

We offer a range of targetry to give a fun and balanced experience.
There will be zero targets, bulls-eye and silhouette targets to test your accuracy upon, as well as various steel targets to test your speed shooting abilities.

Age limits?

14yrs and over (we can cater for younger participants in most instances with prior notice). Please note that some younger participants who are still awaiting a growth spurt many have difficulties with the standard kit. If you feel this could be an issue call us first and we can work around most problems by issuing slightly different equipment. Under 18s will require an adult to be present to sign the consent and during all the activities.

Can I bring friends and family?

Parking is limited as is space on the ranges at the venues we use but a few spectators are allowed to stand behind the range in the safety areas. Hearing protection is not mandatory for spectators but safety glasses are, and spectators will have to provide their own.

Are there any limitations or restrictions other than age?

Shooting is a fun and inclusive sport. Young, old, male, female and those less able can compete on an equal footing in many shooting disciplines. Most disabilities are not a hindrance to shooting in some form or other. If you feel you may have a problem with access or in some other way please let us know when you book and we are confident we can include you in all but the most extreme cases. The ranges are outdoors and on grass, however they are wheelchair accessible. Please note:- if it has been wet for several days before your event the ground may be soggy so bear this in mind when thinking about access for able and the less able alike.


Scores can be viewed and targets taken home to display to the envious friends and family. You can see the top 10 scoreboards for our Beginner's Experience HERE.

We hope you enjoy your time with us and leave us with a smile on your face and a greater appreciation for the shooting sports.